Melba Tours was founded in 1989 following the fall of the iron curtain in Hungary. As doors opened to the West, many mission organizations from the U.S. and Germany established work in Hungary. It was from those humble beginnings that Melba Tours has taken shape. Today we are a company that offers services such as: organizing conferences, concerts, group tours, and arranging for you specific travel needs.
Please let us know if we can serve you in the near future.

Car and van rental

Car and van rental

Van rental

– Ford Transit different sizes
– Ideal both, for smaller or larger groups
– 9 seated
– AC
– Diesel

Car rental

– 5 passengers car
– second person is allowed to drive the van/car
– the van/car can be taken out of the country free
– free pick-up and delivery in Budapest
– insurance with 10% liability


Travels, accomodations, conferences

Travels and accommodations

Hotel booking
Other accommodations
Sightseeing tours
Group travel

Organising conferences

Melba Tours help plans training and conferences in different areas for small groups and large groups.
Accommodation, meals, buffet, sound system translation system, sight seeing, cultural programs.

Sound system rental, organizing concerts, book airline tickets

Sound system, instruments rental

Professional sound system

For speaking and music presentations to a crowd of 2000 people.

Anchor portable sound system with heavy-duty stand (Xtreme Liberty MPA 5100 and MPA 5500)
Mackie CFX 12 channel mixer
Shure SM58 mics with stands
Shure Beta 57a mics with stands
Shure wireless lapel mic with body-pack transmitter
Shure SM58 handheld microphone
Audio stage snake cable

Organizing concerts

Concert tours for choirs, orchestras, bands, serving teams, building project teams, camp teams…

Airline tickets

Airline tickets from Budapest to any destinations



Thank you again for all that you did for our group!  We felt that you were truly “one of us”, and you took care of us beyond the call of duty.  It was a great trip, and would not have been a success without your help.
– Linda –

Peter, we want to thank you for the wonderful two weeks that we spent with you and the choir.  You were such a gracious and caring person the whole time and all the arrangements you had made were excellent.
– Dennis –

Thanks again for everything you did these past three years in working with us to make our mission tour such a success.
– Don –

Many thanks for all you did to make it a great conference.
– Stuart –

And once again, thank you so much for all your work you did for the Council this year, on behalf of  our staff and myself and I believe, all the participants!
– Helle –

It was great as always working with you!
– Chris –

I would to thank you so much for the help that you gave my brother and his family in Budapest.  From the e-mails we received thus far, they really appreciated the kindness of our relatives and had such a wonderful time.

Peter, Thank you so much for making this time an incredible experience. Your help and suggestions ahead of time were so helpful and your warm welcome and hospitality/knowledge of Hungary added so much to this days…
– Carrie-


Thank you so much for all of your great planning. Our trip was perfect. Tonight was a wonderful dinner and very confortable boat ride. May God continue to bless us and this mission trip. See you next year.